The Whiff Box


What is a Whiff Box exactly?

Lately, I have had a lot of questions asked about Scentsy’s Whiff box, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share.  This is one of the newest ways to experience a variety of Scentsy products without breaking the bank.  It’s cute! It’s stylish!  And it comes directly to your doorstep! It’s filled with an assortment of trending and seasonal items.  Each item is handpicked every month.  

There is always a mix of full-size and sample products. Whether you like our Body care line to fan-favorite Scentsy Wax Bars, you’ll find something to enjoy each month.

Is the Whiff Box a subscription?

While the new trend is subscription boxes sent to your home, Scentsy is a bit different.  We don’t require a monthly subscription.  In fact, you can order this fun box straight off the website anytime you want to try something new and exciting.  This way, you can enjoy a surprise as a one-time purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life.  

However, if you want, you can set up recurring shipments and get a present for yourself every month.  You will discover new products and fragrances when you add them to your Scentsy Club subscription.  

So What Comes In A Whiff Box?

This box is similar to other gift boxes that you can purchase online in that contents of each month’s Whiff Box is a surprise.  The items are swapped out each month at the beginning of the month but no matter what, the contents of every box will contain something that you’ll love.  

Is It Right For Me?

So you may be asking yourself if this idea is right for you.  I can tell you that this is an amazing way to experience new products and fragrances at a discount.  Plus you’ll love the excitement of a new surprise each month if you add the Whiff Box to your Scentsy Club Subscription.  


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