Scensty’s Harvest Collection Is Here!
Welcome sweater weather. It's so nice of you to return. Warm sunny days and cool clear nights are what it's all about. Bring Fall into your home with a glowing declaration of color and light together with the perfect Fall fragrance and celebrate this comforting time of year.

Warmer of the Month: MANIC MANSION

Perfect for the parlor or the porch, the Manic Mansion Warmer offsets any sinister Halloween décor with a more approachable haunted house. Handcrafted of metal (and including a green lightbulb), the warmer's ghoulish glow, friendly ghost and broken screen door humbly beckon you in. Lift the roof to warm your favorite fragrance.

Join in September!!!

Scent With Love

Scentsy Whiff Box is a monthly hand-picked assortment of Scentsy fragrances and product lines designed to introduce to you new, trending and seasonal items. Every month's assortment is a fun surprise! ... You'll always get Scentsy wax in single-use samples and/or a Scentsy Bar or two