Spring Cleaning Can Be Enjoyable!

No one really likes to do chores.  We don’t really want to do them.  But they must be done.  And let’s face it, we do enjoy the outcome.  

I’m not here to make spring cleaning fun — because, for starters, I have no idea how to do that.  I’m not a huge fan of cleaning.  However, it CAN be more enjoyable with the right cleaning products.  It can also be pretty satisfying.  So stay tuned for a  few helpful tricks:

  1. Make a checklist

    Whether you use a notebook, display it on a giant whiteboard, or utilize a phone app, write down every single thing you want to accomplish at home.  My favorite app that has made cleaning super efficient is SplenDO which I downloaded from the Android app store.  After you decide how to make your list. then start filling it in and list it out top to bottom.   It’s best to know exactly what to expect, and checking off each chore as it’s completed feels amazing!

    Need some help making your to-do list? I useFlyLady for help with all the chores that need to be done. What I like about her site is that, whether you’re committing to a deep clean or something quick, she’s got it all planned out for you. 

  1. Involve the whole family

    Nothing brings a family closer together than working on projects as a team.   So call on those kiddos and the spouse and start divvying up the checklist.  This will help teach your kids what it takes to keep your home in tip-top shape, and it’s a chance to rely on your spouse for the things you can’t manage alone (or REALLY don’t want to do).  And if you do check out Flylady, she has a whole section devoted to kids learning to clean and how to make a game of it.

    She is big on using timers to work in short, manageable stints.  Put forth your best effort for 15 minutes is better than cleaning for an hour and doing a crappy job.  

  1. Pick your products

     Let’s focus on the two scariest rooms in the house: the bathroom and the kitchen.  Make it a point to tackle them first and get them over with!  I personally find that doing the harder jobs when I am fresh, makes cleaning way more bearable.  Now because we are focusing on Spring Cleaning we are going to do some deep cleaning.  This might require some new heavy hitters in cleaning products, but remember, just because it cleans well doesn’t mean it has to smell bad.  

    In the kitchen, try double-duty products like  Scentsy Counter Clean, which not only cleans surfaces, but also helps create a clear barrier for less scrubbing later. Cut through stubborn bathroom gunk with Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner — your sink, shower, and throne will shine, plus you’ll get all the soap-scum-fighting power and your go-to Scentsy fragrance without harsh chemicals.   Lemon Verbena is my go-to spring cleaning fragrance, but to get the kids involved, I get them their favorite fragranced cleaning products too.  Erin loves all thing Sea Salt and Avocado and Jadin loves her Blue Grotto.  I make it a point to get the products that will make cleaning more fun and enjoyable because good fragrance makes life better.  

     Scentsy Clean products make the spring cleaning process a lot more pleasant.  And Scentsy just released a new all-purpose cleaner to help us get even more done.  This easy-to-mix concentrate is formulated to cut through dirt and grime on most household surfaces, including walls and floors!  It forms a dirt-repellent barrier that makes cleaning easier over time.

  1. Start early, finish faster

    Spring cleaning can be daunting! As we work to chip away at the list, over the course of the season, it will make it feel a lot more manageable.

    So start now and power through! When your home is sparkling clean and smelling like your favorite Scentsy fragrances, you’ll be glad you did all that work.

  1. Reward your hard work

    Finally, when all is said and done, don’t forget to treat yourself and your family. Including perks will give you something to look forward to, even as you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing that mystery stain that no one saw get made.  

    Just remember, do what it takes to stay motivated and have fun along the way!


When Life Gives You Lemons…

When Life Gives You Lemons…

When Life Gives You Lemons

We all want the most out of life.  This starts with working hard, having fun, maybe raising a family.  Always we are doing our best to be successful in whatever we do.  But sometimes it feels like that is just not enough.  Sometimes life gives you lemons.  Sometimes we wake up in the morning and find out that we no longer have a job to go to.  Maybe there was a house fire and we lost everything…or a parent or loved one died.  This is life.  It’s not fun.  We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it.

Oftentimes the smallest ideas end up making the biggest impact.

That was the case with one little girl.  She was determined to make the world a better place, “one cup at a time” while she was alive.  You see, she was battling childhood cancer.  And that cancer prematurely ended her life.  But her impact lives on.  At Scentsy, we are partnering with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) for our newest charitable cause product, the When Life Gives You Lemons Warmer.  It is now available for $40.

We want to help Alex’s dream continue to grow, one warmer at a time. So, join us in raising funds for research into new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer.  Together we can help the dream of one little girl live on. 

For every When Life Gives You Lemons Warmer sold, Scentsy will donate $8.50 to ALSF to help further their mission “to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.”  So join me today, and together let’s raise funds to help put an end to childhood cancer! <3


Valentine’s Day Love and Romance Abounds

Valentine’s Day Love and Romance Abounds

Heart IconsIt is fast approaching…the season of love.  Some love this holiday while others despise it, but no matter your take, something we can all agree on is we love great fragrances.  So whether you love the fragrance of a dozen red roses, your favorite comfort food cooking all day, or cookies baking in the oven, Valentine’s Day and fragrance go hand in hand.

The right fragrance can generate memories of loves past, invoke the laws of attraction, or inspire a new and budding romance.  Fragrances like Lucky in Love, Love and Happiness or my personal favorite, Lavender Cotton can move your heart this season.

We all have our favorite smells that bring back those oh so precious memories, but there are also some universal favorites. With the help of a Scentsy Warmer, you are assured to set the mood this Valentine’s Day:

  • First off is the universal fragrance of Cinnamon

    I love the smell of cinnamon.  It can envoke strength and boldness while at the same time warming the senses with a sweet and spicy familiarity,  Thankfully this fragrance can be found in many of our Scentsy bars like Apple Butter Frostinga heartwarming medley of baked cinnamon-spiced apples and decadent vanilla buttercream sure to tantalize your senses. Then there is Welcome Home, (my hubby’s favorite scent) which is warm and welcoming to any guests stopping by or for you returning home after a hard day at the office. These are just a few of our many fragrances with that charming, sweet, spicy smell.

  • Next-up, for those that love florals, we have Jasmine

    Now if you remember ( or maybe you didn’t read) last weeks blog, I mentioned that I am not a huge floral fragrance fan.  BUT, LUNA is one of my favorite body care line fragrances which boast of Jasmine.  Jasmine will enchant the senses and encourage natural energy that ushers in balance, calm, and optimism to the mind, body, and spirit. It can increase our confidence and motivate and encourage the release of inhibitions. Jasmine can also help spark and fuel the beautiful energy, enthusiasm, and passion that you may need. So add an air of mystery this Valentine’s Day with this rich and sultry fragrance.

  • Then there is Sugar

    For those playful times, nothing will solicit fun like the sweet fragrance of lemon drops and cotton candy.  This is a great fragrance to bring about a relaxed atmosphere this Valentine’s Day and comes in a variety of Scentsy products from our Bars which made us famous, to our newly launched Scentsy GO! pods.

Or get an instant fragrance moving throughout your house with our Scentsy diffusers and specially formulated essential oils.  

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time and can set the mood for any occasion.   Our Scentsy Oils are derived from the most intoxicating flowers, luscious fruits, and vibrant botanicals and are sourced only from the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. They are exclusively designed for use with our Scentsy Diffusers.

  • Grapefruit

    Grapefruit oil will invite joy and happiness into your home as it brings a sense of joy wherever it is present.  This is a great fragrance when you need a little to calm your nerves or uplift your mood.   It is found in our Grapefruit and Blood Orange blend of 100% Natural oil.

  • Patchouli

    This is one of my all-time FAVORITE fragrances.  With four kids that I homeschool and running my own business, I am in constant need of balance. So I use  Patchouli Rose 100% Natural Oil. This rich, earthy aroma brings about a calm to my mind, body, and spirit.

  • Sandalwood

    This is a common fragrance in many expensive perfumes around the world.  With it’s exotic frangrance you can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with this oil.  Sandalwood Lemon Basil 100% Natural Oil is perfect for those who seek romance without the florals.

Whether you choose to woo your love through spicy, floral or gourmand fragrances, Scentsy can help bring romance to your Valentine’s Day.


Wax Overload..Is There Really Such a Thing?

Have you ever looked at the bars of wax in your drawers or closest and wondered:

“Do I really need all these bars?” It’s a question that I get asked all the time.

So I’m going to take some time to answer that and show you just how to take care of your bars so as to get the most fragrance from each bar.  I’ll use myself as an example of what to do.

  • Everyone has their go-to fragrances, mine is COZY FIRESIDEfrom the WOODY category, which is my favorite category to choose from.  But there are some in each category that I love as well.
  • There is LEMON VERBENA in the CITRUS category.  This is one of my favorite fresh and clean fragrances. I love to warm it this time of year to bring some brightness and happiness into to my home.
  • Then there’s the BAKERY category.  And since I am not a world famous or even remotely talented baker, I find the BAKED APPLE PIE fragrance brings a certain hominess to the overall ambiance.
  • Now I’ll be honest here…I am not a huge FLORAL fan.  But I also confess that LUNA is once of my favorite scents in our BODY CARE LINE.  Of course, that’s not bars so I guess that’s an article for another time.😉
  • With each new season, we have the NEW RELEASES which are great when I am looking for something new.
  • And obviously, I have to factor in HOLIDAY scents, because no one can celebrate Christmas or Valentine’s Day without the proper fragrance to fill the home. right?
  • Now I ask,  “How is one suppose to welcome Spring if you only have spicy-warm scents on hand?”  I’ve got to have WHITE TEA & CACTUS on hand for that clean, crisp, and refreshing fragrance that just sings springtime.
  • Then there are my family’s favorites to consider as well.  My spouse has his favorites and each of the four kids’ have their own favorite scents.  If I just got the kids’ alone, I would have at least 20 bars on hand that they “just have to have, mom!”

So, considering daily usage, making each bar last approximately one week and factoring in how many warmers one would use (I have 14 throughout the house) I would need a minimum of about … 72 Scentsy Bars to last me one month.  Now, of course, I don’t use all of my warmers at the same time, so really 72 bars would last me more like 2-3 months or right around 15-25 bars a month.  (YIKES!! 😯  Now you know why I sell this stuff, right😉).

What can what can I  say? I love my Scentsy fragrances.💕

So whether you have just one bar or 100 in your house right now, how you store them matters.  The way that the bars are stored will affect a fragrance’s character, duration, and performance.


Here are a few ideas on how to store your bars to maximize their shelf life:

  •  Keep them in a cool, dark place. (I store mine a shelf in my  closet — they make the whole closet smell great.)
  • Also, lay them flat. This is one reason drawers are an awesome place to store them.  Again, they will make the drawer smell yummy💖
  • Don’t leave them in the sunlight or your car. Not only can the heat cause the wax to melt in the clamshell, but the fragrance will be lost.
  • Don’t choose a drawer next to a heater or oven/stove if you store your bars in the kitchen. They will melt, and you will be sad.😢
  • Rotate older bars to the front of your stash to make sure you use them first. Everything has a “use by date”, even wax with awesome Scentsy fragrance.

And here is one last tip, it is reserved for the truly obsessed fragrance fans (like me😁) :

If you have ever mourned the loss of a favorite bar (I have lost at least one per season since I started) and want to keep that from EVER happening again, join Scentsy Club. When you add your must-have Scentsy Bars to a subscription, we’ll keep making them JUST FOR YOU, even if that fragrance is discontinued from the catalog!

So go ahead and stock up on those favorite scents that you can’t live without.  Just remember to use the tips above to make them last longer.

Old Man Winter Got Ya’ Down

The holidays are a distant memory.  The newness of the gifts has worn thin.  It can be hard this time of year to find the joy we held during the holiday season.  The winter blues can wreak havoc on your mood and drag you down, so why not give yourself a boost with Scentsy Body line?  Fragrance brings back memories for us and helps to evoke happy, warm feelings. Did you know you can wear your favorite fragrance everywhere?   So let’s wear that happy fragrance and let the sun shine from your smiling face as you spread your cheer everywhere you go!

Sunkissed Citrus


Citrus fragrances help to boost mood.  Lemon, in particular, is known to purify and cleanse while ushering in sunshine and brightness to body, mind, and spirit! It helps boost concentration and focus while helping increase your mood.  Sunkissed Citrus, with its mix of orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit, is just the thing for taking you from dismal grey to happy sunshine. Try Scentsy Body Wash in your morning shower to help wake you up, and carry Scentsy Hand Cream in your bag fora quick pick me up in the middle of your day.

body care, relax, jasmine, Luna, bath, skin,
Luna Body Care

Relax the day away with jasmine

We can all drift into dreamland with the light florals of jasmine, sweet pea and freesia combined with juicy berries and sandalwood to bring you to a state of  peace and tranquility.  Jasmine will help usher balance and calm to the mind, body, and spirit helping you to relax and let the day fade away.  Luna is perfect for creating a peaceful environment! If you’re facing a stressful day, start with a fragrant tub! Drop a Scentsy Bath Bomb for a decadent bath then follow that with some Scentsy Body Cream, perfect for softening and protecting your skin.  It’s perfect for after-shower hydration.

Scentsy Body products come in a variety of fragrances, all carefully designed to brighten your mood and your heart. Find your favorite here!







Master the skill of Goals and Be Successful

“This year is going to be different!”

We think it, we write it, we say it, we scream it — because somehow we think this will bring about our success. If we believe something with our whole heart, write it on a sticky note and post it to our bathroom mirror, how can we possibly fail? It’s those daily reminders that make good things happen, right?

The short answer is no. Writing something down does not make you or me successful.  But not all is lost…keep reading for some inspirational (I hope) tips on making 2019 YOUR YEAR.

We’ve heard all the tips:

  • Write down your goals and you’ll be more successful.
  • Post them where you’ll see them every day to stay motivated.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Tell someone what you desire so you have accountability.

These motivational mantras are so common that I bet you knew what I was going to say before I said it.  But they’re common because guess what—They actually do help — most people.

But saying a goal out loud isn’t what makes it happen. Writing it down doesn’t make it happen either. Standing on top of a mountain and proclaiming it for the world to hear…still doesn’t make that goal become a reality. Those are simply reminders of your decision to make a change.  They will serve to feed your desire, but that’s only part of the equation….and sadly, the easiest part.

Ultimately, setting a goal only works if you do.

You have to actually do something.

This time, you got off to the right start. You thought about what changes you wanted to see in 2019. You contemplated where you would like to see improvement, and then you made the decision to do it.  That’s the first step.  We have to decide to change.  Then maybe you wrote it down and as you are seeing it each day…or repeating it to yourself, your desire for success increases. You know what you want. You wrote it down in your planner and you posted it where you could see it daily. So you’re all done, right?  Wrong!!

Actually, now the hardest part begins. But before you close the computer…keep reading, because while this part is hard, it is also the most fun AND the most rewarding.  What you’re going to do is start with the end in mind and work your way back to where you are right now.  This is often referred to as reverse engineering.

Now that you have our goal in mind and written down, we want to reverse engineer it. Build a game plan that helps you get to the finish line, starting with the final step and working your way back to where you are now. What actions do you need to take to succeed?

I’ll use one of my goals as an example. I am going to run a 1/2 Ironman race in 2019.  But before I tell you how, let me share with you what that is, in case you’re unfamiliar with the term.  A Half Ironman is a 1.2 mile open water swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, followed by a 13.1 mile run.  I’ll be honest, as I write this down AGAIN, and see to numbers AGAIN, my stomach aches.  But I am determined.  Thus I will start from end and work my back to where i am right now.  FYI:  right now I can’t run more than 5 miles and I can’t bike more that about 16 miles.  Clearly I have some work to do.

So Here’s My Plan:

GOAL: Compete in 1/2 Ironman Race in 2019

  • Step 5: Finally, show up to and compete in the race.
  • Step 4: Update and adjust the plan in small increments along the way to adjust for unforeseeable events.
  • Step 3: Follow plan. (AKA–the Discipline.  The hardest part of achieving any goal)
  • Step 2: Find a plan that covers all three disciplines without killing me in the process.
  • Step 1: Determine which race I want to compete in (yes there are MULTIPLES to choose from).

This is very simplified, and your action plan might have more or less steps than mine, but the method is the same. Start with the end in mind and work your way back to where you are now.

Find someone who has your back.


This is bigger than just telling a friend that you want to run a 1/2 Ironman in 2019 — it’s actually finding a someone and working with them daily or weekly.

I have a whole team to help me. They may or may not compete in a race with me, but I know that without them, it would be impossible to achieve the goal.  They are my family and my allies.  They stands by me day in and day out, not just saying “you can do it!” from the sideline, but they getting out there inspire me in their own ways.  My hubby, the guy on the far right, helps cook meals and cleans my house so I have time to train. My kids, all the small people in the picture, encourage me with their words and will sometimes even workout with me.  When I have a bad day or workout, they are always there to encourage me.  Even the dog, Max helps.  He’s my running partner…well, I run, he trots beside me.  But I know that without my team, this dream wouldn’t even get off the ground.

{If you want to follow my journey to the 1/2 Ironman Race on September 14th, then follow my other blog, Fat Lady Triathlete, (new blog…coming soon) and join me for what can only be the adventure of a lifetime.}


What about you?  What’s your dream?  Maybe you want to launch a business this year.  Then find a fellow entrepreneur to compare notes with. Meet for coffee once a week. Share struggles and successes. They don’t even have to work in the same industry to be an incredible support person in your life! Find someone who needs you as much as you need them, then be there for each other every step of the way.

What’s your goal?

Write it down. Shout it from the mountaintop. Make it known. Then make it happen.

Happy Hygge Holidays

Fire blazing in the fireplace warming every corner of the room while brown sugar and cinnamon waft through the air.  Snow falling gently outside the window. Curled up on the couch wrapped in a warm handmade blanket.  This peace and tranquility is referred to as Hygge. It’s about acknowledging and being in the moment. A certain slowness accommodates this feeling.  It’s about letting go of the craziness of the world.  Putting away technology and connecting on a personal level with family and friends.

During the holidays, Hygge can take the form of baking cookies with the kids or watching your favorite holiday movie for the one-millionth time.

It’s about comfort and contentedness. Hygge is what you make it

For me it all about solitude.  The blazing fire, warm coffee in the early morning hours before the day begins.  Atop my mantle sits my favorite warmer putting forth the warm and comforting scent of vanilla bean, creamy sandalwood, and rich cedarwood, bringing in a little piece of the outdoors inside.


Later, the kids join me with their warm cups of cocoa and cable knit blankets and we gather on the couch to read holiday stories, play board games, make crafts while cuddling up around the fire.  Simplicity is key to capturing the Hygge feeling, not just during the holidays but all year ’round.

Have a safe and joyful holiday season.

Spring is FINALLY Here

Spring is FINALLY Here

It’s been a long time coming.  We’ve waited for what seemed like forever!  Finally, it has arrived.  What, you may ask?  SPRING!  Spring has finally arrived and with it sunshine, warmth, and flower in bloom.  It’s finally time to go outside, get our hands in the dirt and clean up and prepare for a wonderful time of friends, family and food outside.  Depending on where you’re at (I’m in the pacific northwest) you may even be heading to the beach for a swim.  I’ve been twice :).  Sure the water is cold, but hey, just swim fast and you’ll warm up in no time.  😀  

Seriously though, I am super excited that I can finally swim in a lake instead of a pool.  I’m excited about the warmth of the sun on my face as I walk the dog instead of the rain.  I’m excited about all that spring has to offer.  

And I am especially excited about all the new products that Scentsy has come out with.  The seasonal bricks are by far my favorite this season.  The five limited-edition fragrances are inspired by all our favorite summer-time drinks.  My favorite is the MOJITO MAMBO with its refreshing mint and uplifting lime scent.  If you like citrus, this is the one for you.  My next fav is the PINA COLADA CHA-CHA.  I love all things pineapple and coconut and this brick does not disappoint.  It smells just like what you expect your Pina colada to taste like.  Another favorite scent of mine this time of year is lemon.  Whether in cake form (my favorite 🙂 ), or warming it, nothing beats that lively and refreshing lemon scent.  LEMON DROP IT LOW will be your go to scent if lemon is your thing.  And who could forget the Daiquiri?  Strawberry of course.  This fragrance, STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI DISCO, reminds me of my morning strawberry smoothie.  So yummy and delicious, it gets two thumbs up.  Of course we can’t forget about BERRY COSMO BOOGIE with its fruity black currant and pomegranate smell it is sure to be a hit.  

I have to be honest.  Fall is usually my favorite time of year, but i think this year, Spring wins out!!!  Maybe it’s because its been a long-time coming.  Maybe it’s because the sun is so warm.  Maybe its because of all the awesome Scentsy smells that fill my home daily.  Whatever it is, all i know is I am sure glad it is finally here and I get to experience it in all it’s glory.  

Have a great day and see y’all on the flip side.   

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

To steal the title of the holiday classic, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at least in my house.  Our tree is up and even has a few gifts under it.  The shopping is almost done, and for the first time EVER i am not stressed about the holiday season.  I am looking forward to it.


The kids have been baking up a storm since Halloween.  We are excited to have plates of treats for all our friends/family this year…so long as I can keep everyone from eating them first :P.  We have enjoyed some holiday classic movies already and are looking forward to many more.  Tonight we start our Advent calendar.  We do holiday stories…each kid takes turns opening up one book per night until the 24th.  Then we read TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  This has been a fun tradition for the last 5 years and it sure beats those cheap chocolate calendars…not that I don’t enjoy my holiday chocolate.  It’s just more about making memories for me and this is a fun way for us to do that.  Even my 15 year old gets into it and enjoys spending time with us. 

 Things are heating up at Scentsy for the holidays as well.  I am SUPER excited to share that we have released TWO NEW FRAGRANCES in our bath bombs.  These things are AWESOME!  I have personally tried LUNA, JAMMY TIME, and AMAZON RAIN and love them all.  But to my surprise, I found JAMMY TIME to be my favorite.  My kids loved it too and asked if they could take a bath after me.  Now to the mix we add SEA SALT and AVOCADO and SUNKISSED CITRUS.  These are sure to be two of my favorites.  I already have many of the Body Care line in the SEA SALT and AVOCADO scent and absolutely love it. 



Also new to the scene are two new BRICK fragrances, SHIMMER and SUGAR.  Our bricks are 5 times the size of a regular bar so you get 5 times the fragrance while saving money.  I have to be honest though, my favorite brick scent this month is CINNAMON CHAI LATTE.  This fragrance is to die for.  It is sweet.  It is subtle,  It is everything you are looking for in a holiday scent.  



This time of year we have a lot of gifts to give.  Let me help you find that perfect gift for your kids’ teachers, the mail man, the swim coach, or whomever is on your list.  Check out the GIFT GUIDE on my website and find that perfect gift this season. 



MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.  

Bath Bombs, Bricks, and Buddies OH MY!

Bath Bombs, Bricks, and Buddies OH MY!

It’s November at Scentsy and that means holiday time.  It is fast approaching. In fact, if you get paid weekly, there are only 7 more paydays until that fateful day.  But you need not fear, for I am here to help.  Scentsy has added even more excited products to our already awesome line.  Check out the all new Bath Bombs, Holiday Bricks, and our newest buddy arriving just in time for the holidays.  

New this month are bath bombs. Now I am a bit of a self-proclaimed Bath Bomb aficionado.  I LOVE MY BATHS and I LOVE BATH BOMBS. I can’t say enough about these.  They are HUGE in size, uber fragrant and oh so luxurious.  I used AMAZON RAIN and never has my skin felt so silky smooth and I slept so well after using it. My girls climbed in the tub after me and even they slept better and had soft skin.  Even more than that, my bathroom still smelled fresh this morning.  These bombs are the best have I ever used.  

But that is just the beginning.  Scentsy has also brought back our HOLIDAY SCENTSY BRICKS.  Our hand-poured, limited-edition Scentsy Bricks are more than five times bigger than one Scentsy Bar, so there’s more indulgence, more nostalgia and more holiday joy to go around all season long!

 Our newest scent, Cinnamon Chai Latte is a sip of cardamom, cinnamon stick, grated nutmeg and steamed milk.  Get ready to relax and drift away to distant memories as you warm this scent.  

And for the little ones in your life, or those young at heart…we have a very special visitor this holisday season.  Please welcome Milford the Moose.  He is ready for winter with a cozy flannel scarf to match his flannel arms and legs.  Milford would love a warm home and loving family to share the holidays with. 

And stay tuned….starting today we have released our Holiday Gift Guide to help make your holiday shopping even easier. 

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