Spring Cleaning Can Be Enjoyable!

No one really likes to do chores.  We don’t really want to do them.  But they must be done.  And let’s face it, we do enjoy the outcome.  

I’m not here to make spring cleaning fun — because, for starters, I have no idea how to do that.  I’m not a huge fan of cleaning.  However, it CAN be more enjoyable with the right cleaning products.  It can also be pretty satisfying.  So stay tuned for a  few helpful tricks:

  1. Make a checklist

    Whether you use a notebook, display it on a giant whiteboard, or utilize a phone app, write down every single thing you want to accomplish at home.  My favorite app that has made cleaning super efficient is SplenDO which I downloaded from the Android app store.  After you decide how to make your list. then start filling it in and list it out top to bottom.   It’s best to know exactly what to expect, and checking off each chore as it’s completed feels amazing!

    Need some help making your to-do list? I useFlyLady for help with all the chores that need to be done. What I like about her site is that, whether you’re committing to a deep clean or something quick, she’s got it all planned out for you. 

  1. Involve the whole family

    Nothing brings a family closer together than working on projects as a team.   So call on those kiddos and the spouse and start divvying up the checklist.  This will help teach your kids what it takes to keep your home in tip-top shape, and it’s a chance to rely on your spouse for the things you can’t manage alone (or REALLY don’t want to do).  And if you do check out Flylady, she has a whole section devoted to kids learning to clean and how to make a game of it.

    She is big on using timers to work in short, manageable stints.  Put forth your best effort for 15 minutes is better than cleaning for an hour and doing a crappy job.  

  1. Pick your products

     Let’s focus on the two scariest rooms in the house: the bathroom and the kitchen.  Make it a point to tackle them first and get them over with!  I personally find that doing the harder jobs when I am fresh, makes cleaning way more bearable.  Now because we are focusing on Spring Cleaning we are going to do some deep cleaning.  This might require some new heavy hitters in cleaning products, but remember, just because it cleans well doesn’t mean it has to smell bad.  

    In the kitchen, try double-duty products like  Scentsy Counter Clean, which not only cleans surfaces, but also helps create a clear barrier for less scrubbing later. Cut through stubborn bathroom gunk with Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner — your sink, shower, and throne will shine, plus you’ll get all the soap-scum-fighting power and your go-to Scentsy fragrance without harsh chemicals.   Lemon Verbena is my go-to spring cleaning fragrance, but to get the kids involved, I get them their favorite fragranced cleaning products too.  Erin loves all thing Sea Salt and Avocado and Jadin loves her Blue Grotto.  I make it a point to get the products that will make cleaning more fun and enjoyable because good fragrance makes life better.  

     Scentsy Clean products make the spring cleaning process a lot more pleasant.  And Scentsy just released a new all-purpose cleaner to help us get even more done.  This easy-to-mix concentrate is formulated to cut through dirt and grime on most household surfaces, including walls and floors!  It forms a dirt-repellent barrier that makes cleaning easier over time.

  1. Start early, finish faster

    Spring cleaning can be daunting! As we work to chip away at the list, over the course of the season, it will make it feel a lot more manageable.

    So start now and power through! When your home is sparkling clean and smelling like your favorite Scentsy fragrances, you’ll be glad you did all that work.

  1. Reward your hard work

    Finally, when all is said and done, don’t forget to treat yourself and your family. Including perks will give you something to look forward to, even as you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing that mystery stain that no one saw get made.  

    Just remember, do what it takes to stay motivated and have fun along the way!


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