Peace In Today’s Hectic Life

We live in a fast-paced world where the motto is more is better and faster is best.  Do you ever sit down to relax or unwind, only to feel guilty for not attacking your to-do list? We’ve all been there; determined to sit, but it never takes long for wandering thoughts and tasks to fill our minds.  Then we’re off and running, abandoning our much-needed rest, to get up and keep go-go-going.

Why don’t we allow ourselves the rest we need to thrive?  It seems like we live in a time where downtime is considered wasted time.  Even kids are scheduled to the max and have no free time for play and imagination.  The high cost of never slowing down not only affects your health but also your ability to recharge, focus and be fully present in your life.

So how do we find peace?

So often we hear of people who FINALLY slow down when they have no other choice.  It’s amazing how the human body will force us to stop at some point.  But why wait until then?  Why allow ourselves to become sick to death before we slow down?  Peace is not just for yogis or the highly enlightened.  In fact, studies have shown that the simple act of meditation can help anyone live a more mindful, connected and focused life. But it takes practice.  As someone who has worked hard to added meditation to my life, I can attest to the challenges of learning to slow down and focus.  But there is hope–hope for me and for you. Many of our behaviors run on habit. When we choose to be more mindful, directing our own thoughts and energy through meditation, we can live more intentionally.

What is meditation, really?

Meditation is an exercise in awareness, training the mind to rest in the present. It’s less about turning your mind completely off, and more about directing your thoughts and focus.

Not only does it strengthen our self-discipline and willpower, but meditation also helps us recognize sources of pain or stress, so we can begin working through them. And as a bonus in our hectic world, it’s also an opportunity to slow down, unplug and enjoy much-needed peace.

What’s the best way to meditate?

The best way is what works best for you. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people doing it.  The best thing to do is just start.  You can start by simply focusing on your breathing.  Just be still and pay attention to every inhale and exhale. This is how I started.  Remember too that your mind will naturally wander, but that’s what meditation is about — training your brain to focus, not drift.  This takes time and patience with yourself.  I find that using soothing music helps as does having a relaxing scent wafting in the air.  

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Happy Meditating!  

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