Wax Overload..Is There Really Such a Thing?

Have you ever looked at the bars of wax in your drawers or closest and wondered:

“Do I really need all these bars?” It’s a question that I get asked all the time.

So I’m going to take some time to answer that and show you just how to take care of your bars so as to get the most fragrance from each bar.  I’ll use myself as an example of what to do.

  • Everyone has their go-to fragrances, mine is COZY FIRESIDEfrom the WOODY category, which is my favorite category to choose from.  But there are some in each category that I love as well.
  • There is LEMON VERBENA in the CITRUS category.  This is one of my favorite fresh and clean fragrances. I love to warm it this time of year to bring some brightness and happiness into to my home.
  • Then there’s the BAKERY category.  And since I am not a world famous or even remotely talented baker, I find the BAKED APPLE PIE fragrance brings a certain hominess to the overall ambiance.
  • Now I’ll be honest here…I am not a huge FLORAL fan.  But I also confess that LUNA is once of my favorite scents in our BODY CARE LINE.  Of course, that’s not bars so I guess that’s an article for another time.😉
  • With each new season, we have the NEW RELEASES which are great when I am looking for something new.
  • And obviously, I have to factor in HOLIDAY scents, because no one can celebrate Christmas or Valentine’s Day without the proper fragrance to fill the home. right?
  • Now I ask,  “How is one suppose to welcome Spring if you only have spicy-warm scents on hand?”  I’ve got to have WHITE TEA & CACTUS on hand for that clean, crisp, and refreshing fragrance that just sings springtime.
  • Then there are my family’s favorites to consider as well.  My spouse has his favorites and each of the four kids’ have their own favorite scents.  If I just got the kids’ alone, I would have at least 20 bars on hand that they “just have to have, mom!”

So, considering daily usage, making each bar last approximately one week and factoring in how many warmers one would use (I have 14 throughout the house) I would need a minimum of about … 72 Scentsy Bars to last me one month.  Now, of course, I don’t use all of my warmers at the same time, so really 72 bars would last me more like 2-3 months or right around 15-25 bars a month.  (YIKES!! 😯  Now you know why I sell this stuff, right😉).

What can what can I  say? I love my Scentsy fragrances.💕

So whether you have just one bar or 100 in your house right now, how you store them matters.  The way that the bars are stored will affect a fragrance’s character, duration, and performance.


Here are a few ideas on how to store your bars to maximize their shelf life:

  •  Keep them in a cool, dark place. (I store mine a shelf in my  closet — they make the whole closet smell great.)
  • Also, lay them flat. This is one reason drawers are an awesome place to store them.  Again, they will make the drawer smell yummy💖
  • Don’t leave them in the sunlight or your car. Not only can the heat cause the wax to melt in the clamshell, but the fragrance will be lost.
  • Don’t choose a drawer next to a heater or oven/stove if you store your bars in the kitchen. They will melt, and you will be sad.😢
  • Rotate older bars to the front of your stash to make sure you use them first. Everything has a “use by date”, even wax with awesome Scentsy fragrance.

And here is one last tip, it is reserved for the truly obsessed fragrance fans (like me😁) :

If you have ever mourned the loss of a favorite bar (I have lost at least one per season since I started) and want to keep that from EVER happening again, join Scentsy Club. When you add your must-have Scentsy Bars to a subscription, we’ll keep making them JUST FOR YOU, even if that fragrance is discontinued from the catalog!

So go ahead and stock up on those favorite scents that you can’t live without.  Just remember to use the tips above to make them last longer.

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